About Pantero


Here at Pantero, we're bringing some wild new ideas to packaging and facility supplies. We've put a ton of thought into the new image and the values our brand represents.

So you may be wondering… who or what is Pantero? And why did we choose this as the name of our brand? When we looked for a new name and image, we wanted something that connected unmistakably to our values and to the brand. We didn’t want to just slap a new label on the same old package. We wanted much more—to build an all-new customer experience that was completely unlike anything else. We needed a brand name that reflects that. Something that projects power, strength, efficiency, and speed. And a touch of wildness. Something that takes you by surprise.

Pantero, as many of you may have already guessed, means panther—specifically, in the language of Esperanto. Esperanto was developed in the 19th century with the vision that it would be a global, universal language, drawing from Latin, Germanic and Slavic roots. The related Spanish word for panther (la pantera) means bold or daring when used as an adjective. To call someone la pantera is to describe them as brave and effective, a bit “on the edge.”

That's who we are at Pantero. Bold. Effective. Daring. And a little bit wild.

We are building the Pantero brand intensely around the customer experience. Every decision we make—from the reliable products we carry, to the easy purchasing process, to our strong support philosophy—is all designed with you, the customer, in mind.

Here's what Pantero means to us:

  • Awesome customer service, with a super-responsive, knowledgeable support team.
  • Personalized service and support, with local reps who can provide expert consultation and advice.
  • Cutting edge technology, including a great website and a convenient mobile app to make your life easier.
  • A wild, fun rewards program with the incentives and rewards you want.

Get ready to hear us roar in 2019.